Cooper & Hunter

Séria Arctic design

  • Teplotný rozsah účinnej prevádzky: chladenie od +18°C do +48°Ckúrenie od-25°С do +24°C
  • Úzke prevedenie - hĺbka iba15,9 cm;
  • Ochrana priestoru pred zamrznutím: funkcia “+8 stupňov Celzia”.
  • Prevedenia: Biele (FTXS-W), Champagne (FTXS-B), Metalické (FTXS-M)

Energy  Efficiency  Class
Multi speed fan
Defends your home from frizzing: function  “+8 degrees”.
Inverter technology  G-matrik
Energy Class  Efficiency type
Swing mode –  wide angle louvers
Cold Plasma –  new generation  technology for complete purification of air
Dry mode – dehumidifying
The evaporator of indoor unit will be blowed after  the unit is stopped to  avoid mould
LED-Display of indoor unit
Sleep mode
“I Feel” The controller will automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to the temperature detected  by the remote
Type of  refrigerant
GREEN-FIN – anticorrosive cover of the heat exchangers
Intelligent defrost system
Self-diagnostics system
Automatic restart
ЕСО-FRESH –  electret dust filter
Backlight of indoor  unit display
Noise Analysis Technology –  noiseless operation