Cooper & Hunter

Heat pumps for heating and hot water

Functions and Advantages 

  • Heating of the room; Cooling of the room;
  • Water heating for hot water supply; 
  • Cooling of the room and water heating;
  • Heating of the room and water heating; Automatic climate control; 
  • Emergency water heating mode;
  • Quick water heating;
  • Noiseless (night) mode; 
  • Anti-frizzing mode;
  • Sanitary mode (heating of water in the boiler to 80°С); Programming unit for 7 days;
  • Central control;
  • Operation range of outdoor temperature: from -15 to +45°С;
  • Range of incoming temperatures of the sanitary water is from +35°С to +70°С;
  • If it is +7°С outdoors the sanitary water is heated from +5°С to 55°С during 240 min.;
  • Multi-speed ventilator;
  • Modular multi-stage water apparatus for HWS Systems on freon R134; Build-in heating element for 1500 W (to compensate losses of useful heat when the outdoor temperature goes down);
  • Basic configuration “installed and forgot”: outdoor unit, GAM boiler, wire-connected controller;
  • No Freon pipeline makes the installment easier and cheaper; Is used for the household hot water supply;
  • Heating of water for minimum 35°С, maximum 58°С;
  • Consumes electric power in 3-4 times less than the electric boiler;
  • The operational range of the outdoor temperatures for heat pumps using the freon R134A makes from -15°С to +43°С; The operational range of the outdoor temperatures for heat pumps using the freon R22 makes from -7°С to +43°С; The diameter of water pipes makes 3/4 inch;
  • No exhausted and hazardous gases in the room;
  • No exhaust pipe and ventilation units;
  • No environmental pollution;
  • Long life;
  • Low cost of maintenance.