Cooper & Hunter

Multi-split air conditioners

C&H +Multi systems, with inverter technology, are some of today's most advanced ductless split heat pumps. Providing both cooling and heating comfort, in as many as five separate zones, they are the perfect solution for many residential and light commercial applications. +Multi systems reduce energy waste, maximize efficiency and achieve up to 22 SEER, with our G10 inverter driven compressors. Best of all, the ultimate in reliable room comfort is generated with Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant

Design Flexibility
C&H introduces project layout by simultaneously powering up to five indoor units with one outdoor unit. For even greater mix and match your choice of Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Concealed Duct, Universal Floor/Ceiling and Mini Floor Console indoor units to create your unique +Multi heating and cooling system.

Energy Savings
C&H +Multi systems are highly zoning heat pumps that will keep operating costs under control, year round. No need for a bulky addon coil or expensive-to-operate electric heat. Our variable speed heat pumps, powered by the G10 inverter, provide the same heating capacity as electric heat, while using as little as 1/3 the electricity. With +Multi ductless systems, there are no losses due to leaky ductwork.

Maximum Comfort
+Multi systems eliminate irritating temperature swings, by continuously monitoring comfort levels and adjusting compressor speed and refrigerant according to the cooling and heating needs of each room. Additionally, you can create your own personal-comfortzone, by activating the I-Feel function on the remote control. With I-Feel activated, +Multi systems will sense temperatures surrounding the remote control, and adjust compressor speed and air to maintain the comfort level of your personal space.

Durability & Longevity
All duct free +Multi units are made from heavy gauge rolled steel and covered with a durable powder coat paint C&H’s enhanced Gold-Fin coating provides condenser coil protection in corrosive environments, while improving hydrophilic properties and and our multi-point self-diagnostics continuously monitor critical system parameters to prevent catastrophic failures. These, along with many other, design considerations will extend the life of your +Multi system.