Cooper & Hunter

Split air conditioners

G10 INVERTER technology

*European technology G-Matrik С&H inverters are the hi-tech systems controlled by the innovative build-in microprocessor based on unique technology G10.

This means that the rotor compressor achieving the specified temperature does not turns off but continue to work at the extremely low frequency in 1 hz consuming only 40 watt-hour. Thus Cooper&Hunter saves up to 50% of the electric power consumed and extending the service period up to 10 years.

Extremely low frequency of the compressor rotation Extremely low frequency of the compressor rotation
  • Acute temperature control
  • Saves up to 40% of the electric power supply
Refrigerant R410A Refrigerant R410A
  • Ozone-safe
  • Effective cooling
Strain automatic adjustment (150-265 V) Strain automatic adjustment(150-265 V)
  • Stable work at power supply voltage swing
  • Allows avoidance of damages
Modern high-speed microprocessor Modern high-speed microprocessor
  • High functional control
  • Effective control of all parameter
Noiseless operation  Noiseless operation
  • from 25 dB in the room
  • Provides quit and comfort
Performance reliability Performance reliability
  • Quality control at all production stages
  • Perfect characteristics and high capacity
Strict temperature control Strict temperature control
  • Strict support of air temperature up to 0,1°С
  • Control of the specified parameters
Turbo mode Turbo mode
  • High-speed achievement of the necessary temperature
  • Quick cooling and quick space heating
Continuous operation Continuous operation
  • Operates in the modes from maximum to minimum without the turn off
  • Saves the electric power

Comparison of inverter with the standard air conditioner

Three components of efficiency

Ventilation The air conditioner has a build-in upgraded axial ventilator of the external unit with the bigger diameter and a powerful ventilator of the indoor unit to increase the volume of air and to improve efficiency of heat exchanger.
Control Build- in microprocessor which controls the heart of the air conditioner operates in the modes from maximum to minimum without the turn off saving up to 40% of the electric power, extending the service period of the equipment up to 10 years, noiseless.
Cooling Highly-effective and stable operating compressor. The heat exchanger has the improved pipes system.
Highly-efficient electronic expansion valve strictly controls the refrigerant flow.

 Indoor unit self-cleaning  
After the operation is over the ventilator blows off and dries the air conditioner from the inside to avoid moisture, fungi and corrosion.
 Restart function
This is the possibility to restore all operational parameters in case of the accidental power cut
Helps to keep the air conditioner in the perfect state and immediately detects problems.
The code appears on the control panel saying about the problem of failure.
Integrated device
Special base and water basin in the indoor unit help to avoid leaking and reduce the noise level.
Voltage variation protection
Automatically adjusts to voltage variation (150-265 V) securing more stable operation and allowing to prevent damage
Fireproof box
The electric box in the metal case provides safety and protection from fire and helps to prevent fire in case of short circuit.

“I feel” function

Controls the air temperature by means of the detector on the control panel i.e. near you. The temperature detector measures air temperature at the place it is located at and transfers the information to the indoor unit of the air conditioner. And it adjusts in such a way to achieve the necessary parameters of the climate comfort directly where the remote is.

Comfort for life

Intelligent defrost
is more effective heating function. Contrary to the previous programs, old models, the “intelligent defrost” program activates the process if only it is really necessary.
Hot start
the air conditioner turn on only after the necessary air temperature is achieved.
Control panel lock
defends from the undesirable control.
Turbo mode
is a quick and powerful function to achieve the necessary temperature
Night mode
very quiet operation and support of comfort temperature for sleep.
“I feel” function
This feature provides apersonalised environment since the temperature can bedetected where the remote controller is located.

Intelligent defrost

is more e ffective heating function. Contrary to the p revious p rograms, o ld models, the “intelligent defrost ” p rogram activates the process if on ly it is really necessary.