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VIP inverter

VIP interier
  • A new inverter double stage compressor provides effective operation in the temperature range: cooling from -18°С to +54°С, heating from -30°С to +24°С, and increases EER for 40% during the cooling, and on 35% during the heating (COP);
  • Noiseless operation of the indoor unit 18 dB(A);
  • Wi-Fi module to control the air conditioner using the smartphone/tablet (ОS: Android, iOS);
  • Air flow distribution angle (to 180° horizontally and 130° vertically) allows achievement of maximum comfort and air balanced distribution in the room.
Energy Efficiency Class
Multi speed fan
Defends your nome from frizzing: function
Inverter technology G-matrik
Energy Class Efficiency type
Swing mode - wide angle louvers
Cold Plasma - new generation technology for complete purification of air
Dry mode - dehumidifying
The evaporator of indoor unit will be blowed after the unit is stopped to avoid mould
LED - Display of indoor unit
Sleep mode
“I Feel” The controller will automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to the temperature detected  by the remote
Type of refrigerant
GREEN-FIN-antocorrosive cover of the heat exchangers
Intelligent defrost system
Self-diagnostics system
Automatic restart
ЕСО-FRESH –  electret dust filter
The Wi-Fi function module to manage the air conditioner via a Smartphone/Tablet (OS: Android, iOS)
Backlight of indoor  unit display
Noise Analysis Technology –  noiseless operation
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