Cooper & Hunter

This business portal is intended for dealers and business partners of “Cooper&Hunter” * “Cooper & Hunter” – is the modern-tech brand, we value our partners and support them with continuous communications.

Here you will find the information necessary for the successful sale of TM C&H : • promotional materials (catalogs, brochures, layouts, samples, corporate identity, commercials video) • technical manuals ( user manuals, datasheets, certificates) • detailed information for engineers and installers installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting (technical catalogs, videos) • on an individual page, the dealer can see the personal commercial information, a list of equipment ready for sale and to place a pre-order.

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Pure fresh air in your home

Split airconditioners


G10 INVERTER technology

European technology G-Matrix С&H inverters are the hi-tech systems controlled by the innovative build-in microprocessor based on unique technology G10:
Extremely low frequency of compressor rotation
Modern high-speed microprocessor
Strict temperature control
Noiseless operation 
Turbo mode for quick cooling and heating
Performance reliability from -30°C in heating to +54°C in cooling

“I feel” function

Controls the air temperature by means of the detector on the control panel i.e. near you. 

The temperature detector measures air temperature at the place it is located at and transfers the information to the indoor unit of the air conditioner. And it adjusts in such a way to achieve the necessary parameters of the climate comfort directly where the remote is.

Comfort for life

Intelligent defrost
Control panel lock
Night mode
Restart function